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荷兰诞生首个机器人婴儿 机器人也可交配生子

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What if robots could evolve?如果机器人可以自律演化的话,那么这将不会是一幅怎样的场景呢?...

本文摘要:What if robots could evolve?如果机器人可以自律演化的话,那么这将不会是一幅怎样的场景呢?


What if robots could evolve?如果机器人可以自律演化的话,那么这将不会是一幅怎样的场景呢?Its the question asked by a group of scientists in Amsterdam, whose radical new project aims to create smarter, more advanced robots through a process similar to sexual reproduction.这一问题由阿姆斯特丹的科学家们明确提出,他们创办一项不同凡响的新项目,目的通过类似于有性生殖的过程建构出更智能、更加先进设备的机器人。While the idea may sound far-fetched, theyve already demonstrated a proof of concept – in February, two robot parents came together to mate, and the first robot baby was born.虽然这一点子听得一起有些难以置信,但是他们却已证明其显然不切实际:二月,一对机器人父母通过“交配”,产下了首个“机器人宝宝”。

In the Robot Baby Project at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, scientists have developed a way for robots to have sex and pass on their DNA to offspring.在阿姆斯特丹权利大学的“机器人婴儿项目”中,科学家早已研发出有一种使机器人通过“性交”而将DNA传送给后代的办法。Doing this can allow them to develop their bodies through evolution, making for successive generations that have more advanced physical and behavioural capabilities.这一作法可使机器人构建自我演化发展,从而使其后代能享有更加高级先进设备的身体机能和行为能力。As the process continues, the researchers say robots can become more suitable for use in unknown environments that could be hazardous to humans, like deep sea mines or even other planets.随着研究前进,研究人员指出这些机器人更加合适用在对人类危害的未知领域中,比如深海矿井甚至是其它星球。

We have two robots that meet and mate, and just as in the animal kingdom, this results in a baby, says Guszti Eiben, Professor of Artificial Intelligence at VU, in a video explaining the concept.阿姆斯特丹权利大学的人工智能教授Guszti Eiben在一段视频中对这一概念说明道:“就像在动物界里一样,两个机器人相会交配,然后就有了宝宝。”The robots live, work, and reproduce in an Arena, where they are able to select a suitable mating partner.这些机器人在实验室的“人生舞台”上生活、工作和交配,在那里它们可以自由选择合适交配的另一半。When the two robots come together, they are then able to communicate and even mate.当两个机器人邂逅相遇,它们可以互相交流甚至交配。

When they evaluate each other favourably, they send their genomes through the Wi-Fi network, says Milan Jelisavcic, a PhD student at the university.该大学的博士生Milan Jelisavcic说道:“当它们评估对方为大力良性时,不会通过Wi-Fi发送到各自的基因组。”A sexual reproduction mechanism then creates the new genome. Code of this genome is sent to the 3D printer then, for printing new components.“这种有性交配机制能建构出有新的基因组,然后这一基因组代码不会被发送至3D打印机上,进而打印机出有机器人宝宝的构成部件。”During a year-and-a-half development period, the researchers were able to achieve the implementation of a full life cycle.在一年半的研发进程中,研究人员构建了一个原始的生命周期测试。

When the parent robots reproduce, their features are randomly recombined.当机器人父母“后代后代”时,他们的特征是随便人组的。This includes the brain – software – and the hardware.这其中还包括大脑(软件)和硬件。With evolutionary techniques, we evolve the neural networks of the robots, explains Jacqueline Heinerman, PhD student at VU, in the video.视频中,学校里的另一个博士生杰奎琳海纳曼说明道:“随着技术发展,我们需要研发机器人的神经网络。

”These neural networks are responsible for their behaviours.这些神经网络主控机器人的不道德。The lab also contains a Birth Clinic and a Nursery for the robotic child, and once born, each must undergo a learning process.研究实验室中还为机器人宝宝成立了“产房”和“育儿室”,出生于后,每个机器人宝宝都必需展开自学。If it is deemed satisfactory, the child then becomes an adult, and potentially, a parent.一旦它们符合条件拒绝,之后可步入成人阶段,还有有可能为生育下一代做到打算。

Researchers say this marks the start of a new era – the Industrial Evolution.研究人员指出,这标志着“工业演化”新时代的开始。In this state, machines could autonomously operate and reproduce.依循显然,机器人可以自律操作者与交配。

One day, they say, this new form of evolution could even play a critical role in the colonization of Mars.他们回应,惜有一天,这一全新的演化方式将在殖民火星的过程中扮演着举足轻重的起到。






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